Our Chapter History

In the spring of 2007, Karen Faber and her daughter, long-time residents of Roswell, attended the Senior Recognition of Karen’s niece in Houston, TX. Karen and her daughter were so impressed with National Charity League, Inc., that they came home and wanted to join a local Chapter. After exploring local options, Karen decided to form a Chapter. Karen spent many months networking with her friends in Roswell and East Cobb, working with the NCL, Inc. Chapter Expansion team, and finally organizing and seating a board. The NCL, Inc., Gardenia Chapter held their first meeting in February of 2008.

What did establishing a Chapter provide for her daughter and some friends? One was the opportunity to work side by side as a mother-daughter team, serving a community that was in great need of assistance. The second was leadership training and skills that the daughters could carry on into college and through life. Finally, a cultural component designed to experience the various cultures in our community. Since then the Gardenia Chapter has become a Chapter with close to 250 members serving 18 philanthropies in and around Roswell. Our philanthropy list encompasses a variety of organizations in need: the elderly, special needs children, at-risk mothers and children, the homeless, the hungry, the environment, the military, women with cancer, a historical society, and community theater. Each philanthropy provides multiple opportunities for our mothers and daughters to make an impact those in need. NCL Inc., Gardenia Chapter has established itself in the Roswell/East Cobb areas of the metro Atlanta area as a leader with a firm commitment to philanthropy, leadership and cultural awareness, the pillars of our organization.

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